Sanitation in Commercial Kitchens

Most commercial kitchen equipment is not designed for thorough cleaning.  Many of the cabinets and machines have gaps, cracks and crevices that collect grease, grime and organic matter.

Integrating sanitation for customers with commercial kitchens, with a biosurfactant like Biozyme, can drastically reduce organic debris and simplify your customer’s cleaning process by accelerating the break-down of organic material that we all know as scum and gunk.

What is Biozyme and how does it work?

Biozyme is a surface-active substance that biodegrades organic material that is very difficult to break apart by enhancing the emulsification of hydrocarbons and increasing their availability for microbial degradation.  The majority of hydrocarbons are found where decomposed organic matter provides an abundance of carbon and hydrogen which, when bonded, can continue to form covalent bonds, or catenate, to form seemingly limitless chains.  Once this process is complete, Biozyme then biodegrades all of the by-product (including itself), resulting in a clean and orderless environment.

The secret to using Biozyme is that it works better (and faster) the longer it is on the organic matter’s surface.  So, once it is applied, it should never be rinsed or wiped away.  Biozyme works best in room temperatures between 55-85 degrees with moderate to high humidity.  Within the optimal temperature and humidity range, Biozyme will take approximately 3 to 4 hours for its microbes to attach themselves to the scum, gunk and urine.  It is then, after about four hours, when the microbial growth-rate of Biozyme’s microbes begin to multiply and the number of microbes will then double every 20 minutes until it is exhausted or the environmental conditions change (ie. room temperature increases/decreases or the solution dries as a result of evaporation).  A key aspect of this process is that once Biozyme naturally dries up, it will not create sloppy sludge that runs all over, however, consistent reapplication is  necessary because the ability to break-down organic matter ceases without moisture.

For new users, we recommend applying Biozyme daily, as an end-of-day task, for the first two-weeks of integration and then once-weekly for regular maintenance to eliminate odors and organic debris build-up in Commerical Kitchen ‘dead-zones’, on rubber mats and in restrooms.

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