Resolve multiple issues with one product.

Wow, I am impressed! Biozyme really did work.  

I regularly service a daycare center for medically sensitive children with special needs that had a significant issue in two sink drains from employees pouring left-over lunch milk  into them without rinsing the milk down the drain.  The milk got into the overflow tubes and caused a severe buildup of gunk.  At my request their maintenance had tried, unsuccessfully, to clean those overflow tubes. 

Because of the wide ranging sensitivities of the children in this facility, I turned to Biozyme as a natural solution to the problem.  I foam-sprayed Biozyme into the drains and overflow tubes to eliminate the buildup of gunk.  It worked.  I was able to resolve multiple issues for the day care center with one product and without the use of pesticides.

Biozyme worked so well that now, after my regularly scheduled service, I leave a quart of Biozyme equipped with a trigger-foaming applicator so they can maintain the drains on a nightly basis. I love that it works and that it can be used in sensitive environments like day care centers for children with special needs.

-Charlie Hodges, Swat Team Pest Control


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