The Monitoring Standard for Over Two Decades


Pherocon_Dom_Cat_2011The PHEROCON® Ag Product line provides pest managers, farmers and agricultural consultants with an early warning system to detect adult insect emergence and monitor pest populations so that timely control programs can be implemented.


Storgard_Catalog_cover 2The STORGARD® Stored-Product Pest Product Line provides early warning detection of potentially damaging insect infestations during storage of raw commodities (i.e. grains), processing, transportation, warehousing and marketing of foods and other commodities.


CIDETRAK® CRW is a gustatory stimulant for corn rootworms, Diabrotica spp.  It has no insecticidal properties of its own. This stimulant focuses on the compulsive feeding behavior by the adult corn rootworms on cucurbit bitters. When mixed with stomach poison insecticides, CIDETRAK CRW stimulates beetles to ingest the insecticide, providing greater efficacy of the insecticide.



The Trécé product catalog currently contains over 100 species-specific, pheromone-based kits, attractants and lures, a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack crops and stored product.  These products are marketed under two internationally respected names, PHEROCON® and STORGARD®.