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    Trap rodents on their first visit using traprite stations equipped with snap-traps or glue boards.  No rodenticides and no delays when you use traprite.

    Increase safety in sensitive locations.

    By trapping rodents inside the traprite stations, you contain the biohazard in a economical and disposable station.  Use traprite stations in sensitive locations where rodenticides are restricted or prohibited, such as schools, hospitals, food facilities and residential buildings.


    • Increased safety
    • Economical
    • Dampens sound
    • Preferred texture
    • Consistent temperature
    • Non-rodenticide


  • TrapRite-Family-Large
  • 2156 MS

    Holds mouse glue board and up to three mouse snap traps.

  • 2154 RS

    Holds rat glue board.

  • 2152 RST

    Holds rat glue board and up to three rat snap trap.

  • 2158 MS TUNNEL

    Holds mouse glue board and up to two mouse snap traps.

  • 2160 RS TUNNEL

    Holds rat glue board and up to two rat snap traps.

  • 2159 GLUE BOARD

    For the 2156 and the 2158. Perforated center for multiple uses.